Mixed/Coed 6’s – Tuesdays


2019/20 Season looking for new teams and Individuals

One of the most competitive social mixed volleyball leagues in Ontario. Games are refereed to ensure a high level of play.

Entering in its 11th year, we have 20 teams that challenge for top spots in a 4 Tier league. We offer all levels of play.

Format – 4 Men & 2 Women – Men’s height

New this year, hour and a half of playtime and play two different teams every week.


Rosters (coming soon)


Tier Realignment

Tier 1 – Bottom 3 go down to Tier 2
Tier 2 – Top 3 go up and Bottom 1 go down to Tier 3
Tier 3 – Top 1 goes up – Bottom 1 go down to Tier 4
Tier 4 – Top 1 goes up

Important Dates

September 24, 2019 – First night of play
December 10, 2019 – Last night before Christmas break
January 7, 2020 – League re-starts
March 17, 2020 – March break
April 14 & 21, 2020 – Playoffs

League Rules

Roster Rules  
– All players must be registered on a team roster.
– A player may only be registered on one team throughout the league for the duration of the season.
– There is a maximum of 15 players allowed on the roster at one time.
– Teams can only use players on their own team list. NO EXCEPTIONS.
– Playoff eligibility: Players must play a minimum of 8 matches to qualify for playoffs.
– Sign in sheets must be completed before game time.

Default Rules
– A minimum of 5 players must be present to qualify by scheduled start time.
– After 25 minutes the first set is defaulted.
– After another 20 minutes the second set is defaulted.
Start time: First Rotation 6:35, Second Rotation 8:10. EXCEPTION – Start time will commence at 6:35 or when courts are ready for play.
– If a player is missing (male or female) the full ghost rule applies. The missing player (ghost) holds their place throughout the rotation (including front row) and loss of serve when rotated to back row.
– If a team forfeits the match a $25 fine will be levied and paid to the team defaulted against.
– If a team has 4 defaults using up their $100 bond, they will need to replenish their bond in full before their next game.

Play Rules
– Jump serves allowed.
– Libero allowed.
– Substitutions are allowed: 1 for 1. No. rotating from position 6
– No maximum serve restrictions.
– Regular OVA rules will apply.
– Each play date will consist of 2 matches: 2 sets per match from 0-25, 27 point cap. 1 Time out per set.

– All OVA rules apply including misconducts and carding.
– If a red card is presented, the player will be permanently disqualified from any further play in the league.
– Any disputes can be appealed in writing and will be reviewed by the referee and OuttaHand.

– Within each tier, team finishing 1st will play 4th and 2nd will play 3rd.
– The winners and consolation finalists of each match will play the following week – best 2 of 3, 25 point games no cap. Third set to 15 no cap.
– The teams will be ranked 1-20. The first play date and 1 of the worst ones will be deleted. An average of the rest of the rankings will determine your total ranking for the playoffs.
– Prizes will be determined at a later date. Everyone receives a prize.

– Are not mandatory, however if you wish to order team uniforms, there will be a discount offered for teams participating in the league.