Reverse 6’s – Wednesdays


2019/20 Season looking for new teams and Individuals

One of Outtahand’s most popular, competitive and unique volleyball leagues in Canada. Games are officiated to ensure and maintain a high level of play at your level.

Format – 3 Men & 3 Women – Women’s Height, men hit from back row.

Schedule Results Rankings

Rosters (Coming soon)


Tier Realignment

Tier 1 – Bottom 3 go down to Tier 2
Tier 2 – Top 3 go up to Tier 1

Important Dates

October 2, 2019 – First night of play
December 11, 2019 – League ends for Christmas
January 8, 2020 – League re-starts
March 18, 2020 – March Break
April 8 & 15 2020 – Playoffs

League Rules

Roster Rules
– All players must be registered on a team roster.
– A player may only be registered on one team throughout the league for the duration of the season.
– There is a maximum of 15 players allowed on the roster at one time.
– Teams can only use players on their own team list.
– Game sheets must be completed before game time.
– Playoff eligibility: Players must play a minimum of 8 matches to qualify for playoffs.
– Sign in sheets must be completed before game time.

Default Rules
– After 25 minutes the first set is defaulted.
– After another 20 minutes the second set is defaulted.
Start time: First Rotation 6:45, Second Rotation 8:15.
– A minimum of 4 players (min one female) must be present to qualify by scheduled start time.
– There is no ghost rule.
– Teams not fielding a minimum of 4 players will forfeit their games.
– If they forfeit the match a $25 fine will be levied and paid to the team defaulted against.
– If a team has 4 defaults using up their $100 bond, they will need to replenish their bond in full before their next game.

Play Rules
– Spike serves allowed for women only.
– Libero allowed.
– Substitutions are allowed: 1 for 1 .
– No maximum serve restrictions.
– Regular OVA rules will apply with the following exceptions: net, centerline and substitutions.

How Play and Tiering Works
– There are 2 tiers each consisting of 6 teams.
– After you have played all the teams in your tier the previous 2½ weeks the results will be tabulated and teams will be ranked 1 through 6 and 7 through 12 within the tier. The “Challenge Match” will take place.
– The 1st Place will play the 2nd Place and so on down the line. This is to give all teams a chance to play/beat the team above you.
– There will be a realignment and change of schedule every 3 weeks.
– Each week of play will consist of 2 matches: 2 games from 0-25, 27 point cap. If there are less than 20 minutes left to play at the start of the 2nd game then the game will be played from 0-21, 21 pt cap.

– All OVA rules apply including misconducts and carding.
– If a red card is presented, the player will be permanently disqualified from any further play in the league.
– Any disputes can be appealed in writing and will be reviewed by the referee and OuttaHand.

– The teams will be ranked 1-12. The first playdate and 1 of the worst ones will be deleted. An average of the rest of the rankings will determine your total ranking for the playoffs.
– Prizes will be determined at a later date.
– Everyone receives a prize.

Are not mandatory, however if you wish to order team uniforms, there will be a discount offered for teams participating in the league.