Elite Rules & Other Info


General Rules

  1. All OVA rules will apply.  With the following exceptions:  net rule, center line and substitutions.
  2. Teams must have 6 roster players on the court with proper uniforms.  Anything less will result in a Default in the set, match and/or tournament.  No ghost rule.
  3. Default will occur for the first game 5 minutes after the scheduled start time.  The second game will be defaulted 20 minutes after the scheduled start time.


  1. All teams must have matching tops.  Teams may wear bottoms “at first glance” with discretion from organizer.
  2. A cash fine will occur if teams do not have the proper uniforms.  (A fine is $25 per play date which must be paid by the next play date)

Playing Schedule

  1. TBA.  Depends on number of teams entered for that tournament.
  2. For the first match only, teams will have a maximum of 10 minutes total to warm-up.  The type of warm-up will be determined by the referee and teams i.e 4/4/2.  Both teams must settle on a warm up or the referee will make that decision.  After every team has completed their first match, teams will be allowed a maximum of 7 minutes i.e 3, 3, 1.  The referee has the right to shorten or dictate the length of time and format of the warm up. i.e  due to tournament time constraints

Teams must appeal at time of occurrence to the Organizer or to the Head Referee.

How Elite Series Work

Our goal is to create a competitive environment for Volleyball in the Ontario area. We are offering opportunities to play quality high level volleyball in these tournament series.

The series consists of tournaments throughout the 2011/12 Season with a Championship Tournament Finals. The Championships will be held in May. (We will be announcing the date shortly)

The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible to qualify for the Championships

In a given tournament, points are given to teams:

  1. 1 point for participating (all teams)
  2. An additional 2 points to teams that make it to playoffs
  3. An additional 4 points to teams who make it to championship quarterfinals
  4. An additional 6 points to teams that make it to semi finals
  5. An additional 7 points to the finalist
  6. An additional 10 points to the champion

If a consolation division is created than the maximum amount a team can accumulate is 3 points total.

All tournaments have a maximum capacity of 4 teams per court or 12 maximum in a three court facility.

Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

To qualify for the Championships, the top 12 teams with the most points will be invited.
Ties will be determined by the league.

There will be cash prizes in the Top Round for first place only in each tournament. Second Place in the Top Round and the whole Consolation Round will be merchandise.