Rules & Format


  1. A competitor can only compete on one team in one division.
  2. Teams must have 6 players on the court to start. A team may play with 5 players due to injury or unforseen circumstance. The ghost rule is/is not in effect for these following tournaments.

    Men’s and women’s 6’s –ghost rule is applied
    Coed (men’s height net) – if male is missing than no ghost rule is applied. if a woman is missing than ghost rule is applied.
    Reverse 6’s (women’s height net) – no ghost
    Ghost rule will be applied as follows: the team w/ the ghost must identify the ghost position.  the team must play with 3 up and 2 back.  when the ghost serves a sideout will be given to the opposing team.

  3. For a player to qualify for the playoffs he/she must be involved in a minimum of one round robin set.
  4. Games will start promptly at the noted times. Teams that are not on the court at the start time will default*. The first game in 5 minutes and the second game after 15 minutes.
    *Defaulted games result in the winner receiving an average score. Maximum  25-18 score.
    Due to weather or unforseen circumstances the default rule may be changed.
  5. Make sure your team knows when you’re refereeing, we want to keep the day going as efficiently as possible.
  6. The referee’s decision is final; remember that we are trying to do the best possible job.
  7. If a ball in play goes beyond the centre line inbetween two courts it is ruled a dead ball but can still be played at your discretion.  if there is interference beyond the centre line the ball is deemed dead (no re-serve or let play).

All new and regular ontario volleyball association rules apply. Except the following:

  • Net rule/centre line rule/substitution

Tournament rules are as follows: 

    There will be unlimited substitutions (one for one only)
  1. Teams are permitted one 30-second timeout per set (including all playoff games)

There is absolutely no food or beverages allowed in the gym!

The organizers has the right at any time to make changes to these rules and schedule in order to improve the quality of the tournament.


ROUND ROBIN (5 and 4 teams in a pool)

  1. Each team plays every other team in its pool one match.
  2. Each match is 2 sets straight (5 team pool – 35 minutes) and 3 sets straight (4 team pool – 50 minutes). These times are guidelines only.
  3. Each set:  starts at 4 – 4 and ends at 25 (25 pt cap – a team may win 25 – 24)  teams are permitted 1 – 30 second timeout per set.

Teams will be ranked in pool:

  • Win/losses
  • Head to head (2 teams only)
  • Point ratio

Please note: point ratio will automatically be used if 3 or more teams are tied in wins/losses

ff format allows teams will be ranked overall:

  1. Wins/losses
  2. Point ratio

Note: for overall ranking, teams must have played the same amount of games. If not, than wins/losses are void and point ratio will be automatically used.

PLAYOFFS (Single Elimination)
Quarters / Semis / Finals

  • 2 out of 3
  • First 2 games: score starts at 4 – 4 to 25
  • Rubber match: 0 – 0 to 15
  • All 3 games are win by 2 with no cap
  • Teams are permitted 1 – 30 second timeout per set.

Please note:

  1. The convener may change the format if any unforeseen circumstances occur.
  2. any questions please ask the convener.